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Some people believe that Santa Claus did not exist but truth is that old Father Christmas did in fact exist as a historic personality. He did not come from beyond the North Pole where Reindeers roam, but lived under the warm Lycian sun as Bishop of Myra. His church and ex-tomb continue to exist as places of pilgrimage in the Turkish town of Demre (known also as Kale, near Antalya).

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara, was elected bishop during Diocletian’s persecutions, and died in Myra around the year 350. This stories of his charitable acts took on legendary dimensions during the following centuries.

One of these stories concerned three boys who were hacked into pieces by a greedy butcher, who salted and pickled them for sale in his shop. Nicholas miraculously restored the boys to life. On another occasion, on hearing that the daughters of a poor Myran could not marry for lack of a dowry, Nicholas stole under the man’s window at night and left a bag of gold for each girl. This act earned him the reputation of secretly delivering gifts in the black of night.

Virtually Any Double Change On bodrum gulet charter

Identified for its rugged mountains and towering cliffs, Corsica contains many fishing villages and unspoiled spots that make for best yacht anchorages.
With 6 hundred miles of shoreline to uncover, there is a good deal to discover on Corsica. A two week charter is needed if you goal to completely sail about Corsica, a excursion of 330 NM. A well-known option is to blend Corsica and Sardinia in their charter. Summer temperatures can rise to 35 deg C. The winters are delicate.
Sardinia is the next greatest island in the Mediterranean becoming only slightly smaller the Sicily, the largest. It lies in the western Mediterranean off the western coast of the Italian peninsula and just to the south of the French island of Corsica, divided by the narrow Strait of Bonifacio. Mountains dominate a lot Sardinia’s inside the highest point is Monti del Gennargentu at 1,834 metres.
The coast boasts some of the most wonderful shorelines in the Mediterranean.
The yacht charter year in Sardinia typically runs from April to the end of October. Higher season is July and August, when the temperatures (about 35ºC) and rates are at their greatest. Might and June, September and October are well well worth thinking about. Charges are reduce, the temperature far more comfy and for people wanting to sail fairly than motor round Sardinia the winds are likely to be more appropriate.
Turkey is nicely acknowledged for its Gulets. Standard motor sailors that have holiday getaway makers all around the Turkish coast. The boats are broad beamed and roomy in contrast with the typical constitution yacht. The Gulets are crewed and arms on sailing will be restricted. For those seeking a minor a lot more independence there lots of yacht charter companies in the spot supplying the a lot more typical bareboat offers.
Turkey is effectively recognized for its Gulets. Traditional motor sailors that carry holiday getaway makers about the Turkish coast. The boats are broad beamed and roomy in comparison with the traditional charter yacht. The Gulets are crewed and arms on sailing will be restricted. For those seeking a tiny much more independence there loads of yacht constitution businesses in the location giving the a lot more typical bareboat offers.
Mid July through to mid September are the busiest and most pricey months to cruise the Turkish coast. Temperature can exceed 40 deg C. Could and late September are a little cooler and more affordable. April and October see some rain but it is nonetheless pleasantly heat. From Could to Oct this region ordeals the Meltemi wind. It blows from the N and NW and can make sailing in that route hard perform. There is more detailed information on climate for the Aegean Coast of Bodrum gulet charter area.
Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are the chief yacht charter ports.
All the individuals who like to go on a holiday in the unique country of Turkey often consider their very best to invest a few times or even a number of several hours aboard Bodrum Yacht Cruises due to the fact they never ever overlook out the metropolis of Bodrum. This metropolis is known for its exotic character and however not that popular all around the planet, it has a lot of be happy of.

Blue is favourite of enthusiasts, Gocek


Gocek depends on Fethiye that is a county of Muğla. Gocek is one of the favourite vacation towns. Especially it is one of places which are famous for sailing. Gocek is only 22 km far away the International Dalaman Airport. You can listen nature and silence while you are doing the sailing in Gocek’s coves. You can see all tones of the blue and green closely.

Gocek’s coves are one of the places which are prefered for the sailing tours much more. You can see the luxury yachts in the summer months closely. In period which is called the lively season, Gocek is very crowded. This town is famous for the sailing tours much more. Because it has natural beauties and clear marine. It also has the marinas which yachts can be anchored easily.

You can have the nice times with your friends, family or relatives in your luxury yacht you have chartered from gulet charter Gocek firm. Perhaps, you may stay during your vacation in Gocek’s coves. Gocek has the worth seeing natural beauties. Gocek’s community tries to entertain visitors with these beauties very well.

Many native and foreign visitors are entertained in this town. Gocek is known abroad, too. The town has identified itself with the sailing tours. You can relax yourself with its green nature. The sailing tours start in April and go on until October. There are a lot of activities you can do in every month of year in Gocek.

By Gocek yacht club, two different Regattas are organised in May and November every year. Many native and foreign competitors join in these races. Participators have amusing times with the marine sports which are organised.

Turkyacht serves the sailing tours for this popular town. We entertain our native and foreign visitors in our luxury yachts with gulet charter Gocek. You can look through our favourite rods and luxury yachts in our website. You can have both amusing and unforgettable times with your friends, family or relatives.

There are six yacht harbours in Gocek. The town has got its coves and islands in safe and wide gulf. It has also got natural beauty and clear marine. So, it is very attractive for the sailing tours. You may have the chance to do an amusing and unforgettable sailing.

Antalya, Kekova


Kekova which is known as sunken town is close to Antalya’s Demre district. It is a rocky island located in Kaleköy and Üçağız’s open sea. Formerly it was used as a shelter for sailors and ships. Nobody lives on the island. However,there are boarding-houses and cafes for visitors coming to the island. It is possible to see its wrecks in the sea from Dolkisthe town also today. After 1990 the island has been declared as a protected area.

Kekova is among the routes the blue cruise enthusiasts undergo.Especially it is among the routes which are preffered for swimming in its clear blue seas and seeing the ruins of sunken town. The blue cruise tours are among the holiday options which provide the chance both you can rest plenty and also you can see the beautiful natural wonders, historic ruins closely.

6 cabins gulet charter is initial of the yachts which generally the crowded groups and families prefer. Each yacht has the own features and has the differences which differ from the other yachts. The main reason of this is that gulets are embroidered like a motif with hand crafting and are designed with different features.

The feature which make gulets more special than the other yachts is the peace and sincere of woods. The blue cruise enthusiasts who feel in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere themselves can enjoy their holiday by staying alone with nature. In blue cruise tours you can have the opportunity spending an enjoyable holiday together with your friends and loved ones on your desired route.

In private yacht charter option you have the chance to determine the route yourself. In cabin charter option you can join to a tour which there is at present and can charter only a cabin of the yacht. The cabins are usually for 2 people. You can have the opportunity spending a different holiday with people who have different cultures.

Turkyacht can provide the different alternatives to you with both 6 cabins gulet charter and also its luxury yachts. The yacht tours are organized to the favourite blue routes such as Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye,Ölüdeniz,Göcek,Bodrum ve Greek Islands. Our yacht tours are done along 6 months. The tours start in April and go on until October.

You have the chance finding a yacht according to your budget and pleasure together with your loved ones. The blue cruise tours can provide the opportunity spending a different holiday except for the classic holiday understanding. It is important that you obey the rules which should be paid attention for your security and being your blue cruise smoothly.

The Greatly Loved Thing of Blue Cruise Tours is Gulets


Gulets would be used for the load transport and fishery in years that they haven’t had popularity in the blue cruise tours yet. The demand has increased for blue cruıse tours in the course of time. The demand has increased for also Gulets. With this, the gulets have been streamlined for blue cruıse tours today by they have been modernized in the course of time. Today, many of the gulets offer the opportunity spending a pleasant blue cruıse with being comfortable as hotels about equipment and comfort.

Gulets are classified as to the equipment and comfort in it. It has economic, luxury and super luxury varieties. Gulets which are known as wooden boats are proper for every budget and pleasure.

When gulet is said, thing which first comes to mind is the yachts which are embroidered like a motif with Turkish crafting in Bodrum shipyards. Gulets which have experienced many changes for years are as comfort and luxury as 5-star hotels today. While Gulets are on the sea, they are designed in manner which they can quench your every need.

Gulets have the kinds which changes from 6 people up to 24 people and among 3-12 chambers. 5 cabins gulet charter is among those which are preferred in the blue cruise tours. You have the opportunity enjoying the blue cruise tours together with your family and loved ones in your luxury gulet which you have chartered.

Major cause which gulets are preferred in blue cruise tours is the opportunity spending a comfortable and peaceful cruise. It supplies the chance that your blue cruise tour is enjoyable and comfortable. While the equipment and comfort inside of gulets are increasing, the charter price can be also increasing. In every yacht there are at least one captain and two crew. If we consider that the security is more important than comfort during your cruise, it is important whether the necessary maintenances of your chartered yacht has been made or not. Besides, it is necessary that for security any kind of rig and equipment is inside of the yacht.

Turkyacht serves the blue cruise with its professional staff and luxury yachts for years. You can look through both 5 cabins gulet charter and also our other luxury yachts on our website.You can look through our favourite routess and also can obtain all informations about the blue cruise. You can sail to enjoyable cruises together with your loved ones.

Bodrum is very different with Blue Cruise Tours


Bodrum entertains many domestic and foreign tourists with its sea, its very green forests and its amusing night life every year. Bodrum is one of the favourite resorts today. It is one of the resorts which is also known around the world; not only in Turkey. When you go to visit Bodrum, first element which you will notice is its white houses. As soon as you arrive to Bodrum, the white houses welcome you like a bride.

Bodrum is known with also blue cruise tours; with not only its holiday standards. Bodrum is known as the place where the blue cruise tours started. The mini boat tours that Halikarnas Balıkçısı (Cevat Şakir Kabaağaç) had gone on with his friends have had the situation of today and blue cruise tours have been started to go on.

Bodrum is also known with the shipyards where in private yacht chartering the most preferred gulets are made. Gulets are made handling almost like a motif with Turkish crafting in Bodrum shipyards. They have many options until luxury gulets from economical gulets. While the materials and comfort are increasing in it, the chartering’s price is also increasing.

Those who go on the blue cruise with Gulet Charter Bodrum can have the enjoyment of blue cruise with the option of private yacht charter on their desired route. You can enjoy the sea and sun plenty. You can also see the paradise coves which can be gone with only boat closely. You might have the opportunity both tasting different tastes and witnessing different cultures closely.

Turkyacht serves to you with Gulet Charter Bodrum and with its professional staff for years. You should take the support from a professional firm before you go on the blue cruise. If you share what kind of a cruise you imagine and what your expectations are about blue cruise, you will be served in that direction. It is important that firm you will take the support is expert about blue cruise.

There are the rules which you and your loved ones must obey during blue cruise for your security and health. For an enjoying and amusing blue cruise there are the rules which those who serve and take service must obey. You can sail to the enjoying cruises and you might spend the unforgettable times.